Pad Revive+


Available in 1L & 5L bottles

Angelwax PAD REVIVE+ is a very versatile pad washing solution which is suitable for use on different types of machine polishing and compounding pads. During the polishing process, pads accumulate polish and compound which can hinder their performance if they aren’t regularly maintained. Formulated to gently restore foam, microfibre and lambswool pads the active ingredients in the cleaner helps dissolve the dried polish and compound residues breaking them down leaving the pads free from contamination and ready to be re-used.


Washing Instructions:

Before washing, remove the used pad from the machine and use a brush or compressed air to remove excess product and debris from the pad surface.

Hand Cleaning Method:

To clean pads individually, add a small amount of PAD REVIVE+ Pad to the surface of the pad, agitate to loosen the contamination before rinsing thoroughly.

To create a multiple pad wash solution, half-fill a 20L detailing bucket with water and add between 30-50ml of PAD REVIVE+.

Place the foam or microfibre pads into the solution, ensuring they are fully submerged.

Allow the pads to soak for approximately 5 – 10 minutes. Agitate the pads gently with your hands, rubbing the surface to help dislodge and remove any embedded residue or dirt.

Rinse the pads thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water to remove any remaining solution.

Machine Cleaning Method:

Place the pads in the washing machine, ensuring not to overload it.

Add 50ml of PAD REVIVE+ to the detergent compartment in the washing machine.

Run a gentle cycle specifically designed for delicate items. Once the cycle is complete, remove the pads from the machine and inspect them for cleanliness.

Pad Washer:

Add the required amount of water to the pad washer

and add 50ml of PAD REVIVE+

Follow the pad washer manufacturers usage instructions to clean the pads.


After cleaning, allow the pads to air dry completely in a clean and dry area. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or high heat sources that may damage the pads.


If your compounding pad becomes clogged whilst working on a vehicle, spray a small amount onto the pad and loosen any residue with a pad cleaning brush.

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