Angelwax Ceramic Coating Accreditation Programme

The Angelwax ceramic coating range has been developed in our laboratory over several years and with our partners across the globe to ensure these coatings offer the optimum performance in any environment.

Unlike other ceramic coatings, the Angelwax coatings have been engineered with simplicity in mind making their application far less time consuming. With Angelwax, there is simply no need to apply layer upon layer of ceramic to obtain a durable finish or be forced to purchase a full range of preparation products to enable the application to be successful.

Both the Angelwax ENIGMA GENESIS & Angelwax NEBULA are a one-layer coating and will cure within 4-5 hours under infra-red lighting or within 12 hours in a normal indoor environment.

Manufactured here in the UK at our production facility in Scotland, we are at the forefront of chemical technology, from inks and varnishes to paints and ceramics, our chemists, who are also our directors, have decades of experience in the surface coatings industry.

If your application to become an Angelwax ceramic coating installer is successful you will be selected to attend a training course facilitated by one of our detailing professionals. The Angelwax trainers were instrumental in developing the range of Angelwax ceramic coatings and they know the behaviour of these products very well making them the best people for the job.

Your acceptance into the programme is reliant on the following criteria:

Experience: You will be a detailer with a good level of knowledge and the ability to demonstrate this knowledge through your website or social media platforms. A telephone conversation with one of our trainers will take place to ascertain your knowledge and skillset before being enrolled onto the training course. Your practical skills will be assessed on the training course before certification is granted, a great opportunity for you to strut your stuff and show us what you’ve got!

Premises: Having your own business unit is essential to apply the Angelwax range of coatings. The nature of our coatings means that the vehicle cannot be driven until the bonding process has taken place and the vehicle must remain indoors for the duration of this chemical process.

Insurance: You will need to provide proof of both liability and trade insurance, and this will be supplied prior to the commencement of the training programme

The Course:

Ceramic Coating Kits:

As part of the training fee, a ceramic coating kit is included

Total Course Cost: £600.00