H2NO! Waterless/Rinseless Wash


Available in 1L bottles

Angelwax H2NO! is an environmentally friendly waterless/rinseless wash product designed to encapsulate dirt particles, safely lift them from the surface of the vehicle and conserve water without compromising on cleaning power.

Developed using the latest polymer technology, this gentle, pH balanced formula is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces leaving a durable, streak-free, high gloss finish.

This is the perfect product when your vehicle needs to be safely cleaned and yet water restrictions prevent you from doing so.


Waterless Wash Usage Instructions:

Ensure the vehicle is cool to the touch. Always start cleaning at the top of the vehicle and work downwards, leaving the wheels until last.

Spray a liberal amount of H2NO! directly onto the chosen surface working in a small area.

Using a deep pile microfibre towel, gently wipe the area and lift the dirt and grime from the surface.

Using a separate clean, dry microfibre buffing towel, buff the treated area to a high gloss finish.

Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is clean.

For best results, always use a microfibre with a very deep pile, this will ensure the dirt remains trapped within the towel and will not damage the paintwork.

Always wipe lightly in one direction to prevent paint swirls and micro-scratching.

Rinseless Washing Instructions:

Fill 2 x Angelwax detailing buckets with cool, clean water.

Designate one of these buckets for washing and

add 100ml of H2NO! for every 10L of water. The rinse/second bucket should contain a GritGuard, this dirt trap will prevent any grit from contaminating the wash bucket and wash-mitt.

Soak a microfibre wash mitt in the diluted solution and proceed to clean the vehicle working in small areas, from the top of the vehicle downwards, leaving the wheels until last.

Once an area of the vehicle has been washed, rinse the wash-mitt with the clean water and wipe the mitt against the GritGuard to remove any contamination.

As each section is cleaned, use a separate microfibre towel to dry and buff the area.

Order of Cleaning Guide:

For both rinseless & waterless wash methods.

  • Roof
  • Side Windows
  • Horizontal Panels - Bonnet/Hood - Boot/Trunk
  • Vertical Panels - Doors -Wings/Fenders
  • Front Bumper and Grille
  • Rear Bumper and Rear Vertical Panels
  • Lower Vertical Panels
  • Wheels and Tyres


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