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Ark Marine Odyssey Finishing Polish


500ml 24.79
1L £47.28
5L £228.09

ARK MARINE ODYSSEY FINISHING POLISH has been specifically developed to refine and polish the gel coat and other painted exterior marine surfaces of boats, yachts and a variety of watercraft. Formulated to remove light oxidation and stains,

ODYSSEY gets to work quickly restoring the surface to a deep gloss finish with no dusting. Application is simple and can be applied either by hand or with a machine polisher.



  1. Ensure all areas to be treated have been thoroughly cleaned using ARK MARINE CERAMIC SHAMPOO before polishing.
  2. Shake the bottle well before use.
  3. To apply by hand, proceed to step 6.
  4. Apply four pea-sized spots of the finishing polish to the selected Angelwax compounding pad.
  5. Spread the polish around a small area with the machine polisher switched off. Switch on the machine polisher and apply medium pressure whilst working in a crosswise motion until a clear film appears on the surface. Remove the film with a clean, dry, microfibre cloth and finish with a buffing towel.
  6. To use ODYSSEY by hand, apply a small amount of product onto a microfibre applicator pad. Work the polish into the surface using a circular motion before buffing to a deep gloss finish using a clean, dry, microfibre cloth.

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500ml, 1L, 5L

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