Ark Marine Ceramic Detailer


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ARK MARINE CERAMIC DETAILER has been specifically developed to protect the gel coat and other painted exterior marine surfaces of boats, yachts and a variety of watercraft.

Developed using the latest ceramic technology, CERAMIC DETAILER is the ultimate quick detailing spray designed to add a layer of ceramic protection that produces unparalleled levels of gloss combined with outstanding durability.

This unique formulation adds a layer of ceramic protection to untreated surfaces and will also bond to any pre-existing ceramic coating to further enhance the appearance of the vessel.

Formulated with anti-static components, this highly water-resistant spray detailer contains UVA & UVB additives to further preserve and protect treated surfaces from strong sunlight.



  1. Using a power washer, rinse the vessel with cool, fresh water ensuring that all contamination is removed.
  2. Wash with ARK MARINE CERAMIC SHAMPOO and thoroughly rinse all surfaces.
  3. Ensuring all surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch, spray CERAMIC DETAILER on to a clean, damp, microfibre cloth and apply to the chosen area. Using a separate towel, buff to a deep, gloss finish.

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