Dark Fader


50ml bottle

Angelwax DARK FADER offers long-lasting ceramic protection for vinyl and plastic surfaces, thanks to its very clever formula.

The ceramic ingredient within the trim dressing provides enhanced durability making treated surfaces more resistant to fading, cracking, and discolouration caused by UV rays, harsh weather and environmental contaminants.

DARK FADER gets deep into the pores of plastic and vinyl surfaces, restoring their depth and colour from within and helping rejuvenate aged and weathered trim.

A hydrophobic barrier is created on treated surfaces, repelling water, dirt and grime thus making cleaning and maintenance much easier whilst ensuring the trim stays cleaner for longer.

A built-in UV inhibitor prevents trim from becoming damaged and faded by strong sunlight and helps preserve the appearance of the trim and prolongs its lifespan.



  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle ensuring that all areas are free from surface contamination.
  2. Before application, ensure all surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch.
  3. To ready the surface for coating, eliminate any lingering residues like waxes, silicones, or sealants by employing an appropriate degreaser, such as Angelwax REVENGE.
  4. Add the required amount of DARK FADER to a microfibre applicator pad and apply to the plastic/vinyl. Allow the coating to cure for approximately 5 minutes before buffing the surface to a   finish.
  5. Wait for one to two hours for the curing process to complete before using the vehicle.
  6. Do Not Apply DARK FADER in Strong Sunlight!


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