Detailing Bucket with Grit Guard & Gamma Seal Lid


Introducing the all-new translucent Angelwax Detailing Bucket, complete with a Grit Guard and Gamma Seal Lid, the ultimate solution for achieving the perfect wash!

A reliable bucket is fundamental for maintaining your vehicle’s cleanliness, and the Angelwax Wash Bucket doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with its own Grit Guard, this bucket ensures the safest wash possible.

Crafted from robust, durable plastic, our bucket is built to withstand years of use, promising a consistently safe wash every time you reach for it.

The Grit Guard sits snugly at the bottom of the bucket, acting as a barrier against grit and contaminants during the washing process, effectively trapping dirt and preventing it from reaching your vehicle’s paintwork.

With the Grit Guard in place, dirt and grit are confined to the bottom of the bucket, keeping them from reattaching to your wash mitt. A simple wipe of the wash mitt against the Grit Guard ensures any loose grit remains trapped, safeguarding your vehicle’s paintwork from scratches.

And for added convenience, the Gamma Seal Lid securely seals the bucket, preventing water from escaping during transit, making it the perfect companion for quick washes at car shows or on the go!

Upgrade your car washing experience with the Angelwax Detailing Bucket, your key to a flawless finish every time!


  • Bucket Capacity: 20 Litres
  • Grit Guard
  • Gamma Seal Lid
  • Size (Height x Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter) 35cm x 30cm x 27cm

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Weight 1.0 kg

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