Bodywork Complete Professional Care Package


2 x Angelwax Branded Detailing Buckets with Grit Guard & Gamma Seal Lid.
1 x BLIZZARD Foam Lance (Karcher adaptor included)
1 x 500ml REVENGE
1 x 500ml SHAMPOO
1 x 1L FASTFOAM Snow Foam
1 x 1L BLUE RINSE Post Wash Rinse
1 x SUB-MITT Wash-Mitt
1 x DRY-RIDE Drying Towel
1 x Angelwax Detailing Bag
1 x Air Freshener

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Detailing Pack Contents

Detailing Bucket & Grit Guard

Angelwax Bucket and Grit GuardThe Angelwax  DETAILING BUCKET & GRIT GUARD™ is the key to the perfect wash!


A bucket is a basic requirement for keeping your vehicle clean. The Angelwax Wash Bucket comes with its own GRIT GUARD™ to ensure the safest wash possible.


The bucket is made from a tough, durable plastic that will last for many years and will be the key to a safe wash every time you use it!



Blizzard Foam LanceAngelwax BLIZZARD is a Professional Snow Foam Lance designed to dispense your chosen Angelwax wash product quickly and safely.


When used as directed and as part of your 3 step wash system, the intense foam created by the Angelwax BLIZZARD encapsulates, softens and then removes dirt & contamination quickly and safely.


Angelwax REVENGE

Angelwax Revenge Bug & Insect Remover SprayAngelwax REVENGE BUG & INSECT REMOVER has been designed to safely and effectively remove stubborn insects and their residue from all exterior surfaces including paint, chrome and glass.

Angelwax REVENGE is a completely wax safe, water based formulation that is environmentally safe, biodegradable and free of harmful solvents. With its fresh citrus smell, this ‘spray on’ & ‘rinse off’ formulation gets to work quickly removing flies and other insects from the paint surface. If insects are left to decay on the body of the vehicle they can cause staining to the paintwork if left untreated.

Angelwax Shampoo

Angelwax Superior Automotive ShampooAngelwax SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO has been formulated specifically to be the purest shampoo product you can purchase for your vehicle and has been manufactured using only the finest raw materials making this shampoo about as pure a shampoo as you can get!

Angelwax SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO is a thick, slow pouring, highly concentrated vehicle bodywork shampoo designed to leave your vehicle beautifully cleansed and streak free.


Angelwax CleanlinessAngelwax CLEANLINESS CONCENTRATED ORANGE PRE-WASH has been formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and contamination from the bodywork of your vehicle.

Our chemists have designed this water based cleaner to be used through the foaming lance of a pressure washer or via the supplied trigger spray and is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces. Angelwax CLEANLINESS is high foaming, solvent-free and completely wax & sealant safe.


Angelwax FastfoamFASTFOAM from Angelwax is our PROFESSIONAL DETAILING SNOWFOAM and is used by valeters and detailers throughout the UK and beyond.

The super concentrated formulation has been designed to create a blanket of sticky foam which covers the vehicle and clings to its surface before quickly getting to work removing dirt, traffic film and other harmful deposits safely from your vehicle.

BLUE RINSE Post Wash Rinse

Angelwax Blue RinseAngelwax BLUE RINSE BLUE RINSE WAXED INFUSED FINALE  has been designed to be a post wash rinse and the final step of your vehicle wash cycle. We have formulated this water based spray on, rinse off wax to aid with the rinsing, drying and the gloss finish of your vehicle.

Once Angelwax BLUE RINSE has made contact with its surface a hydrophobic coating ensures water cannot remain on the vehicle once it has been rinsed making the surface perfectly prepared for the next stage of your detailing process.

SUB-MITT Wash Mitt

Anglewax Sub-Mitt Wash mittThe Angelwax SUB-MITT wash mitt is extremely deep, soft and safe to use. Manufactured using fully synthetic materials, the Angelwax SUB-MITT will not deteriorate, rot and fall apart the same way as lambswool mitts tend to do over a period of time.

DRY-RIDE Drying Towel

Angelwax DRY-RIDEThe Angelwax DRY-RIDE drying towel is the perfect way to finish your wash process.


This ultra absorbent towel measures in at 60cm x 60cm and is made with a super soft blend of polyester (70%) and polyamide (30%) to ensure a completely safe drying experience.

Detailing Bag

Angelwax Detailing BagThese high quality bags are perfect for safely storing all of your waxes and detailing products and come with a carry handle, shoulder strap and they’re fully padded with a rigid plastic base.


The Angelwax BILBERRY AIR FRESHENER is all about making your interior smell amazing.

Angelwax Air FreshenerWith a handy elastic band you can hang it anywhere or chuck it under the seat, it’ll smell just perfect!

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